Snowy Owl – feeding on a duck – Bronte Harbour, Ontario (2014)

Last revision date:  April 01, 2017
List below represents first observation (lifer tick) and the location/country that the first species was first observed and recorded in the database.

Sunda Scops-Owl – Otus lempiji Central Catchment Nature Reserve Singapore 30 Dec 2016
Tropical Screech-Owl – Megascops choliba El Valle de Antón Panama 24 Feb 2015
Great Horned Owl – Bubo virginianus Guelph–Humane Society/Speed River Area ON, Canada 14 Feb 2016
Snowy Owl – Bubo scandiacus Oakville–Bronte Harbour ON, Canada 23 Mar 2014
Buffy Fish-Owl – Ketupa ketupu Pasir Ris Park Singapore 31 Dec 2016
Little Owl – Athene noctua RN Estuário do Tejo–área geral Portugal 10 Jan 2015