Hawk Cliff (ON) 2013

Hosted by the Ontario Field Naturalists – November 02, 2013

The weather was indeed foul (pun intended!) for Raptor Watching at Hawk Cliff, but our Leaders, Ian & Gavin certainly did not disappoint on our very first birding trek hosted by the Ontario Field Naturalists.  As the rain came down upon Hawk Cliff, we ventured off to the Port Stanley Sewage Lagoons where we encountered several beautiful birds.  From there we went to Port Stanley Harbour where we did spot a gorgeous Bald Eagle!  We then went back to Hawk Cliff where a Sharp-shinned Hawk flew through “Sharpie Alley” and a Red-tailed Hawk made a brief, close encounter appearance as we were watching a Yellow-rumped Warbler in the brush.   The day ended in the cool rain at the Aylmer Sewage Lagoons where a Red-necked Phalarope captured all of our attention.

A very special thanks to the Guides Ian and Gavin.  We would have never been able to spot, nor identify so many birds without your help and expertise.

1   Greater White-fronted Goose – Port Stanley Harbour, amongst a flock of Canada Geese
2.  Greater White-fronted/Canada Goose Hybrid? – Port Stanley Sewage Lagoons, amongst a flock of Canada Geese
3.  Canada Goose – Port Stanley Lagoons, Port Stanley Harbour, Aylmer Sewage Lagoons
4.  Green-winged Teal – Port Stanley Lagoons
5.  Lesser Scaup – Port Stanley Lagoons and Aylmer Sewage Lagoons
6.  Long-tailed Duck – Port Stanley Lagoons
7.  Bufflehead – Port Stanley Lagoons (large flocks) and Aylmer Sewage Lagoons
8.  Hooded Merganser (Female) – Port Stanley Lagoons
9.  Common Merganser – Aylmer Sewage Lagoons
10.  Ruddy Duck – Port Stanley Lagoons and Aylmer Sewage Lagoons – large flocks
11.  Pied-billed Grebe – Aylmer Sewage Lagoons
12.  Horned Grebe – Aylmer Sewage Lagoons
13.  Turkey Vulture – Port Stanley Harbour
14.  Bald Eagle – Port Stanley Harbour
15.  Sharp-shinned Hawk – Hawk Cliff
16.  Red-tailed Hawk – Port Stanley Sewage Lagoons and Hawk Cliff
17.  Killdeer – Port Stanley Sewage Lagoons
18.  Dunlin – Port Stanley Sewage Lagoons
19.  Red-necked Phalarope – Aylmer Sewage Lagoon
20.  Bonaparte’s Gull – Port Stanley Sewage Lagoons and Aylmer Sewage Lagoons
21.  Ring-billed Gull – Port Stanley Harbour
22.  Mourning Dove – Hawk Cliff
23.  Downy Woodpecker – Hawk Cliff
24.  American Crow – Roadside – Port Stanley Area
25.  Black-capped Chickadee – Hawk Cliff
26.  Golden-crowned Kinglet – Hawk Cliff
27.  Ruby-crowned Kinglet – Hawk Cliff
28.  Eastern Bluebird – Hawk Cliff
29.  Hermit Thrush (ID’d by Song) – Hawk Cliff
30.  American Robin – Hawk Cliff
31.  Cedar Waxwing – Hawk Cliff
32.  Yellow-rumped Warbler – Hawk Cliff
33.  White-throated Sparrow (ID’d by Song) – Hawk Cliff
34.  Dark-eyed Junco – Hawk Cliff
35.  Northern Cardinal – Hawk Cliff
36.  Red-winged Blackbird – Hawk Cliff
37.  Rusty Blackbird – Hawk Cliff
38.  Common Grackle – Hawk Cliff
39.  Brown-headed Cowbird – Hawk Cliff (flock flew over)
40.  Purple Finch (Hawk Cliff)
41.  American Pipit (Hawk Cliff) – flock flew over

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