2015 Birds: 376

Date range: Jan 1, 2015 – Dec 31, 2015 Total # of Species: 376
Total # of Checklists: 56
Location(s):   Bridge over Grand River south of Belwood Lake; Canical; Canico; Cerro Azul–The Hummingbird House; Clayton; El Valle de Antón; Galata Köprüsü; Guelph Lake CA (general location); Guelph–Correctional Ponds; Guelph–Riverside Park; Guelph–University of Guelph (Arboretum); Hwy 124 – Birding from Car; Lugar de Baixo; Oakville–Bronte Harbour; Parque Natural Metropolitano; Pipeline Road (Camino del Oleoducto); Plantation Road, Gamboa; Polecat Paints & Friesians; Ponta de São Lourenço; Ponta do Pargo; Porto Santo–área geral; RN Estuário do Tejo–área geral; Radisson Summit Hotel and Golf Panama; Rockwood; Rockwood – Hwy 7 Purple Martin House; Santo António da Serra; Winston Churchill & Steeles Intersection; porto de recreio de Machico



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