About Me

One of my favourite bird encounters – Mexico 2013

I have loved birds and everything about nature since I first set my feet upon the ground.  Obstacles and distractions in life had me sidetracked for a while, but then “mid life crisis” came along to visit me and I was more determined than ever to do the things I love to do!    Travelling the world with my best friend and husband, Anthony and sharing in these dreams is part of the awesome adventure.

In late 2013, I have decided to pursue “birding” on a more formal level (vs. quick snaps of backyard birds and those incidentals on trips).  I am excited about this adventure, something that I have wanted to do for a long time, but intimidated to go forward as I feel there is a steep learning curve to it.  In October 2013, I joined the Ontario Field Naturalists and hope to learn more about birding during their scheduled field trips.

Personal interests include photography, travel, gardening (bird and butterfly friendly!), and sharing time with my beloved Morgan horse, Pip.


Follow this blog, if you wish to follow my journey (shared with Anthony) of birding treks within my home province of Ontario, and those special trips that may take us elsewhere!

Heather Hughes-Baskey


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