South-east Asia (Dec 2016 – Jan 2017)

Another cruise and more birds!  we have always wanted to see the ports of call of Thailand and Vietnam, so when we found an itinerary that began in Singapore and ended in Hong Kong – we knew we were in for a treat!

Details of each port of call where we birded will be in the field report – but for now (for the main blog page) – the “Coles Notes” (or Cliffs Notes) version is:

Singapore – birded with guide “Kim” for two full days.

Vietnam – birded with Wildlife Eco Tours
Hong Kong – birded with guide, “Matthew” for an amazing full day.
Of course, we noted other birds on our own (which will also be discussed in the field report); but suffice to say – we were very excited and grateful to view all the new lifers that we encountered (and most of them were lifers!).
A brilliant time birding in a spectacular region of our mother earth, Gaia.  Truly appreciative of the experience.
Heather & Anthony

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