Panama Canal – Cruising for Birds – 2013

Ara macao

We were very fortunate and blessed to have been able to secure four (4) excellent birding guides for various ports of call on our Panama Canal Cruise (Celebrity Century).  Some ports of call were half-days (Mexico) and others were full days of birding (Costa Rica and Panama).  

The birding adventures made this Cruise very memorable and the birding were the highlights of our trip.  Not only we were able to get off the beaten path and see the Natural Beauty of our ports of call, but we learned more about the areas we visited and gained a greater appreciation for the diversity of this wonderful world, known as Gaia.

Please visit the individual trip reports (under Field Trips tab) for the details from each port of call:

Los Cabos, Mexico (Port of Cabo San Lucas)

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Carara National Park & Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica (Port of Puntarenas)

Achiote Road, Panama (Port of Colon)


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