First Post in my Bird Blog!

Today, I joined the Ontario Field Ornithologists and hope to go out on a field trip soon.  There I did it – Post #1 🙂

This afternoon, I took Charlie out for a walk and decided to take my camera with me, should we meet up with some birds in the forest.   I saw a “Golden-Crowned Kinglet” – a “lifer” for me 🙂   Super cute little bird and managed to get one very blurry photo!   but you can definitely see the yellow crown and black stripes on the head, enough for ID – but not smugmug worthy.  It was fun to actually look specifically for birds while walking the dog – but it was a brutal realization of how difficult taking photos in the woods of the wee flighty birds actually was.  I definitely need to practice accurate and fast photography if I ever want to capture great photos of birds while in Mexico and Central America this December!   I real eye-opener for me.   I was actually quite depressed at one point, but then managed a successful ID of the Kinglet and that lifted me up that is can be possible, with practice!

Golden-crowned Kinglet
Golden-crowned Kinglet
Mourning Dove
Mourning Dove




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